Judith Doyle co-directs the Social Media and Collaboration Lab (SMACLab) with Dr. David McIntosh at OCAD University. Her team includes research collaborators, international interns and graduate students with expertise including art fabrication, contemporary art theory and writing, programming, sound design, virtual architecture, and media production. Research creation at the SMACLab includes art and art creation tools (software modifications, computer files, mechanics/physical systems) using a range of media, including depth cameras adapted for motion capture using skeletal tracking and point cloud systems, and AR/VR projects using the Unreal game engine.

Raul Altosaar is an artist and researcher. When not building point clouds in Unreal Engine, Raul develops customized musical interfaces using virtual reality technology, sensors, and code. These systems prioritize the relationship between his body and the material world. This results in musical performances that are physically demanding and site‑specific.

William Wu works with people, computation, and design thinking to make games, poems, MIDI controllers, and everything in between. Willy wonders how to reimagine programming as a creative process in today’s world of graphical, physical, and spatial interfaces.